Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Auras jätkub tegevust ja rõõmu kogu perele

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I stay in the Aura Centre with a ticket

The time of stay in the Aura Centre is not directly limited. However, it is not recommended to stay for over 3-4 hours. A long stay in water and warm and humid climate is tiresome and it does not invigorate you, but has an opposite effect. 

Q: Why can the family ticket not be bought at once so that men and women could go in together?

Since tickets are sold on the basis of a wristband, i.e. the locker key, the sales transaction can be conducted if there are available tickets.
There are separate wardrobes for women and men and thus, the sale of tickets depends on the number of available lockers for the respective wardrobes. If it happens that there are considerably more men than women in the queue, they have to wait longer for a free key.
Since the family ticket is a complex service it can be formalised in the cash register after all the necessary keys have been received. 

Q: Why can I not swim in shorts with pockets

For several reasons. Shorts are mainly beach, not swimming pool clothes. In other words, visiting a swimming pool in traditional swimming clothes is part of the swimming pool culture and good practice. Women are also recommended to wear a swimming suit, not beach bikinis. The main practical reasons are as follows: 1.Often, visitors forget something in their pockets (money, watch, etc.). 2. Pockets are full of trash (papers, sand, etc.), which gets into the water. 3. Many shorts have rivets or snaps that may damage the slides. 

Q: What are the water temperatures of pools

28° in the large pool, 31°in the children’s pool, 29°in the water park, 33° in the baby pool, 35°in the water park jacuzzis and 32°in the health club jacuzzis. The temperatures can vary ±1° in normal conditions. 

Q: How often is the Aura Centre cleaned

Major cleaning of the Aura Centre takes place during 10:00 PM – 03:00 AM and 05:00 AM – 09:00 AM. During this time, all public rooms are cleaned and the floors and other surfaces, except ceilings, in the saunas and toilets are disinfected. When the Aura Centre is open, maintenance cleaning is carried out which involves monitoring and maintenance of all rooms where visitors are present. The maintenance interval depends on the intensity of visits, but it is not carried out less than once every 30 minutes. The floors are deep-washed twice a month. 

Q: How often is water changed in the Aura Centre

The water is not changed. The pool water is in constant circulation where it is purified. The water of the large pool is circulated through the water treatment devices in 4 hours, the water of the children’s pool in 2 hours, the water of the water park in 1 hour and the water of the baby pool and jacuzzis in 15-20 minutes. Cleaning of the treatment devices depends on the number of visitors and it is carried out about 5 times a week. The pools are added to with about 2-5% of fresh water a day. 

Q: Why are some lockers so narrow

The lockers are not narrow. They have been made pursuant to common European standards by a Norwegian company that specialises in production of pool lockers. Our lockers have two sizes: 20 cm and 30 cm. It is difficult to find a swimming pool or a water park outside Estonia where lockers would be larger; however, we have seen even smaller lockers. The size and location of the lockers have a practical reason: they have been installed for 92 places in the swimming pool and 62 places in the water park. If all lockers were to be 30 cm wide, there would be 32 lockers less and if the lockers were 40 cm wide, there would be 61 lockers less, etc. In other words, larger storage places would considerably diminish our capacity and increase the ticket price. It would be fair to say that such a high interest in our house calls for a larger wardrobe area.