Visiting hours                                                                          

  • There is no time limit for visiting with a single ticket. The visiting time for groups and birthday bookings is 3 hours (with entry and exit).
  • Ticket sales will be closed 30 minutes before the closing of the house. We kindly ask to leave the house by the time of closing the latest.
  • Water park attractions will be closed 15 minutes before closing the house. We kindly ask to return the wristband upon leaving.

Ticket purchase and paying for other services

  • By purchasing the ticket, all visitors confirm that they have adequate physical abilities, skills, and state of health to use the services offered by the centre. Guardians will be responsible for the skills and physical health of children.
  • Children under 5 years old may enter the centre free of charge only with an adult guardian who has purchased a ticket, and will use their guardian’s locker.
  • All children under 10 years of age are allowed in the centre with a guardian who is at least 16 years old and will be responsible for the behaviour and safety of the children.
  • Chid under 10 years of age and the accompanying guardian are required to purchase a ticket for the same zone.
  • From the age of 7, you must be wearing men’s or women’s clothing.
  • Family ticket includes up to two adults and two children under 16 years of age.
  • Discount tickets can be purchased by presenting a valid ISIC/ITIC card or Estonian pension certificate and work capacity card.
  • Valuable items (documents, money, car keys, etc.) can be left in the deposit box located at the cashier. If you wish, the key of the deposit box can be left with the centre’s cashier.
  • Aura Centre does not take responsibility for personal and valuable items left in the lobby, dressing rooms, or in the lockers.
  • An issued wristband will not be exchanged without a good reason.
  • The wristband must be visibly worn throughout the time spent in the centre. Changing the wristband is not allowed. Blue wristband – swimming pool; red wristband – health club saunas; yellow wristband – water park and swimming pool; green wristband – health club, water park and swimming pool. Taking the key out of Aura Centre is forbidden.
  • Dressing room must be entered within 10 minutes after purchasing the ticket.
  • The wristband will expire after exiting.


  • Wash yourself before entering the pool and preferably after swimming.
    All swimmers, including small children, must wear a swimming suit. It is recommended to swim with a swimsuit or shorts. We do not allow shorts with pockets. Rivets, press-studs, zippers, and buttons on swimsuits are not allowed, because they damage water slides.
  • Put up long hair or use a swimming hat.
  • Swim diapers must be used with children under 2 years of age (also older, if necessary) to prevent unpleasant surprises.
  • Follow the signs and pointers in the centre.
  • Move slowly; you will endanger the health of yourself as well as the others by running on the wet floor.
  • There are plenty of restrooms and trash pins in Aura Centre – use them.
  • Throw water for steam only on dry stones and do it moderately, taking into account other people in the sauna. Whisking is forbidden.
  • Dying hair, using different body care products, and shaving is forbidden.
  • After water procedures, dry yourself before entering the dressing room.
  • Upon exiting, return all rented items, do not leave them in the dressing room.
  • Leave the locker door open when leaving and return the wristband by placing it in the box next to the exit gate.
  • Aura Centre does not allow visitors who look drunk, heavily dirty, and whose clothing smells unpleasantly or people who significantly disturb other visitors.
  • Pets are not allowed in Aura Centre.
  • All foods and drinks bought from the café are consumed on the territory of the café. Consuming your own food is not allowed.
  • Smoking and consuming strong alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in Aura Centre.
  • The service staff is allowed to make remarks to visitors for inappropriate activity and when repeatedly or severely violating the house rules ask them to leave without reimbursing the ticket.

Swimming pool and water park manual

  • Pick a swimming area and attraction according to your physical state and skills, remain control over your activities. Take into account fellow visitors and pay attention to children.
  • You can ask the instructor for additional swimming equipment, if necessary. When using the equipment and accessories of the swimming pool, take good care them and put them back after use.
  • Follow the track indications in the large pool. Be observant about training and group classes, do not swim on their tracks. When swimming on tracks, keep to your right.
  • Swimming is an individual activity – do not hold onto fellow swimmers, do not pull or push them.
  • Do not swim over the tracks, you can change the track by swimming under it. It is prohibited to sit and stand on the boundary lines of the tracks.
  • Diving is only allowed in the large pool. You can only jump headfirst from the launch pads, jumping legs first is only allowed in the bathing tracks. Trick jumps are not allowed. Jumping in the water is forbidden in the children’s pool and in the water park. Always wait for the green light when using the water slide. Sliding is only allowed feet first.

Enjoy your visit!

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