Water aerobics

Water aerobics

Water aerobics

Water aerobics

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is a medium-intensity exercise that helps to train endurance and keeps the body toned. Various training equipment is used in the training to perform simpler rhythmic movements and combinations. The 45-minute training provides both aerobic and muscle training, as well as good music. Aqua Aerobics is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.


Aqua Circuit

Aqua Circuit is a varied workout with music. During the training, various exercises are performed with different equipment within a given time, with an equal focus on strengthening all muscle groups. The training is suitable for both beginners and professionals, as you can choose the pace and levels of difficulty.


Aqua Dance

Aqua Dance is a dance water aerobics training. The training is fun, energetic, and moderately difficult. It consists of various combinations and dance elements. One programme is used for a month so that you can enjoy each training as much as possible and charge your batteries every time. Bring your friend and make sure you are in a good mood. Let us dance!


Aqua Dance Fit

Aqua Dance Fit develops both aerobic and muscular endurance. Gloves, dumbbells, leg weights, and pool noodles increase water resistance, making the exercises harder. The training strengthens all muscle groups evenly. It includes both aerobic and anaerobic training, using a variety of intervals and repetitions. Aqua Dance Fit is suitable for everyone!


Aqua Deep Water

Aqua Deep Water trainings take place in the deepest part of the pool (185 cm), where your feet do not reach the bottom of the pool. Specially designed belts are used, which, when placed around the body, help to keep you floating in water up to the shoulders. Aqua Deep Water is a high-intensity exercise training that is good for the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, and various muscle groups. As you are almost weightless in the water, many different muscle groups, especially the corset muscles, have to keep the body upright and maintain balance while you are performing various exercises and movements. The training increases endurance, strengthens the muscles, and improves the balance of the body. Aqua Deep Water is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.


Aqua Fit

The goal of Aqua Fit trainings is to develop aerobic and muscular endurance. The training starts with a warm-up and the main part is a combination of alternating aerobic exercises and strength exercises. Various pieces of equipment are used to diversify the training and make it harder. The training ends with relaxation exercises. Aqua Fit is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.


Aqua Gymnastics

Aqua Gymnastics is suitable for everyone – young people, seniors, men, and women – regardless of their fitness level. Simple step combinations and longer sets of exercises are good for all muscle groups. The training is a good workout and makes you feel great. The physiotherapist instructor pays attention to posture and the versatile development of the body. Different training equipment and music make the lesson more fun.


Aqua Interval

Aqua Interval is an intense 45-minute workout with good music. It consists of cycles of 45 seconds of exercises and 15 seconds of rest. The training works out the whole body and different pieces of training equipment – dumbbells, noodles, step bench – are used.


Aqua Mix

Aqua Mix is a varied and effective water aerobics training where all major and minor muscle groups are worked on, both thanks to the water environment and the exercises shown by the trainer. The training uses different training equipment and mixes different styles of water aerobics. The training starts with a warm-up and ends with relaxation exercises. Aqua Mix is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.


Aqua Party
Aqua Party is perfect for the end of the work week – forget your everyday worries and start the weekend with a blast. A good workout with disco moves. The training is moderately difficult and burns a lot of calories. Bring your friends and enjoy!


Men in Water

The ‘Men in water!’ trainings introduce different training equipment and styles of water sports. The training mainly develops aerobic endurance, but also focuses on all major muscle groups – abs, back, deltoids, chest, legs, and arms – to work out the whole body in a balanced way.
The training is very varied, because almost all water aerobics equipment can be used: gloves, pool noodles, balls, dumbbells, swimming boards, and even aqua bikes.
The trainings are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. The water environment is safe – it prevents joint strain and there is no risk of trauma. The training is also good for shoulder pain as water relaxes and tones the muscles. The training helps to control body weight and puts you in a good mood.

Please note! As aqua bikes are used in the training, it is recommended to bring your own shoes (flip-flops, rubber slippers, beach sandals, etc.), but if necessary, you can also use the shoes we offer.


Water aerobics for pregnant women

All pregnant women are welcome to the training, regardless of the stage of pregnancy. Water aerobics during pregnancy improves the mobility of the joints and is good for the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. In water, the body is lighter, so the load on the joints and spine is smaller. The horizontal position is better for the heart and being in the water makes the exercises easier. Water massages the body, thereby stimulating blood circulation, intensifies breathing, and accelerates metabolism. The supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus improves. Water relaxes and helps reduce stress. Taking part in water aerobics trainings regularly helps to maintain and improve endurance and keep your body strong. The training has good music.


Retro Aerobics

Retro Aerobics is a fun and effective training for those who love good music while working out. Enjoy the best hits from the 1980s and 1990s. The training is intensive and develops endurance and coordination. It includes both aerobic exercises (kicks, knee and leg raises, various exercises for the arms) as well as exercises that develop muscle strength (for the corset and abdominal muscles). Different training equipment (for example, water gloves, dumbbells, noodles, boxing gloves) is used in this training.

Retro Aerobics is ideal for those who want an intense workout session to good music while keeping the load on the joints and spine minimal. Retro Aerobics develops endurance and coordination. The training burns a lot of calories, makes you feel good, and relieves stress. Great music and dance moves are the icing on top of the cake.