Family area

Family area

Family area

Family area

The recently opened family area offers a pleasant stay.

The family area of the Aura Centre Water Park is a wonderful place for the whole family. For small children, the shallow pool has a water game table. Young and old family members alike can warm up in the tropical room and the desert room. For an authentic water experience, there is a rain room unique in Estonia.

The family area (an expansion of the Aura Centre Water Park) was financed as part of the EU’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

The desert room

In the desert room, you can experience the highest temperatures and the dry air of the desert. Enjoy the view of the picturesque sand dunes beneath the blue sky.

The temperature in the desert room is 70–75 °C and the humidity is 40–50%.

Interesting facts: The highest temperature recorded in the desert is 80.8 °C in the Dasht-e Lut desert in Iran and the Sonora desert on the US-Mexico border (as at July 2023).
The largest desert in the world is the Sahara in Africa.

Rain room

  • The drizzle – a short walk in the autumn pine forest. You are surrounded by tall pine trees and there is a refreshing drizzle.
  • The autumn storm – the sea is foaming, the wind is howling, and the rain is pouring. The stormy winds and cold rain leave no place dry.
  • The tropical storm – the sky is dark and menacing. Large trees are swaying in the stormy winds. For a moment, the lightning illuminates everything, and then the darkness returns, there is thunder and torrential rain.

Interesting fact: As at July 2023, the world’s strongest hurricane was Patricia in the eastern Pacific Ocean in October 2015. Patricia, a category 5 hurricane, had an average wind speed of 345 km/h, or 97 m/s.

Tropical room

In the tropical room, the air is pleasantly warm and humid. You are surrounded by lush vegetation, a stream bubbles beside you, and the rainforest birds are singing.

The temperature in the tropical room is 40–45 °C and the humidity is 80–90%.

Interesting facts: The largest tropical rainforest in the world is the Amazon in South America.
The rainforest is the most species-rich ecological community on Earth.